Competition Online Submission

1. Digital Photo Competition

Description: EMTs, Paramedics can present any clinical photo/ case management photo for 5 minutes on the stage. The judges will be selecting the best 2.

1st Prize
2nd prize

Please send your photo to
Dead line: 31st Jan 2019
Rules: 1. Any patient identities such as face/eyes/should not be visible on picture.
2. No patient personal details to be disclosed
3. it should be handled by self, whoever presenting.
4. Selected people will be communicated for presentation.

2. Bright Young speaker Competition

Description: Paramedics & EMTs who are interested to participate in “Bright young speaker” competition can nominate their names. Participants can prepare and present your topic for 7 minutes.

1st Prize
2nd prize

Please send your nomination to
Dead line: 31st Jan 2019
Rules: 1. Formal dress code
2. The topic must be related to Emergency Care. (Patient care, prehospital,in-hospital, technology, research & administration)
3. PowerPoint presentation should be submitted within the deadline

3. EMS Rescue Challenge:

Description: The EMTs & Paramedics can participate in ‘EMS rescue challenge’, competition.

1st Prize
2nd prize

Please send your nominations to
Dead line: 31st Jan 2019
Rules: 1. An EMS team consists of 3 paramedic/EMTs. One EMT is must in team. 2. Teams should follow the strict timings as per organizing team. 3. Medical Equipment will be provided by SAP team @ venue. 4. Participants can use their own institute/ organization uniform during competition.


GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute
Devar Yamzal,
Medchal Road,
Secunderabad - 500 078.
Telangana, India.